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A dual-citizen of the US and Ireland, Tanya Carrasco was born in New York City, where she now lives and works. She attended Rutgers University and the American Repertory Theater program at Harvard University. She was a founding member of the theater group The Cosmic Joke Collective in New York City with award winning French actress Audrey Dana and Grammy winner Jesse Harris. Her short film “Don’t Be Such a Girl” won Best Director of a Short at the New York International Independent Film Festival and her short film “Mercy” screened at multiple festivals. Tanya most recently performed opposite director Martin Scorsese in the film “Campus Life”. She has studied meditation in India, taught yoga in South Africa, filmed in Paris and explored many countries around the world. She is married to musician and semiotician Bill Carrasco and has a daughter, Sofia Azul and son Nico Emile.

Height: 5’4”  Hair: Brown  Weight: 120  Eyes: Brown

SAG     917.318.2911

CAMPUS LIFE (opposite Martin Scorsese) Featured Catherine Scorsese/Ken Waddell
FIRST BASE (Columbia MFA short) Lead Sean Webley
THE AGE OF INNOCENCE Featured Martin Scorsese
HOWARD STERN MOVIE                                 Featured Betty Thomas
MEN LIE                                                             Supporting John Gallagher
MERCY  (short)                                                         Lead     Tanya Nirielle
THE ISLAND  (short)                                                   Lead  Yahia Khan
Flix Channel Promo
Featured  Showtime Channel
Iconoclast                                       Featured   Sundance Channel
TOMORROW                                                               Angel   Knitting Factory, NYC
she  New Dramatists, NYC
THE SIREN                                       Siren    Cornelia St Cafe, NYC
SUBURBIA                                                                 Beebee Mt. Kisco, NY
NORMAL WOMEN                                                     Sasha Delaware Theater Co.
THREE SISTERS                                                           Irina     Harvard ART Institute
WINTER’S TALE                                                     Mamillius Harvard ART Institute
AHAB’S WIFE                                                                Wife  Harvard ART Institute
CERVANTE’S INTERLUDE                                     Beatrice Harvard ART Institute
EQUUS                                                                              Jill   Rutgers University
GALILEO                                                                    Virginia Rutgers University
HAMLET II                                                               Ophelia   Rutgers University


Acting: Scott Zigler, David Mamet – American Repertory Theater, Harvard

Mark Brokaw – Yale University

Caryn West – On Camera

One on One NYC – Casting Directors’ Meghan Rafferty, Julie Schubert

American Academy of Dramatic Arts, HB Studios

Voice: Bonnie Raphael – A.R.T

Dance: Amy Spencer/Richard Colton – A.R.T., Wesley Fata – Yale


Irish Citizenship – Able to work in the E.U.

Shakespearean Training – A.R.T., HB Studios

Certified Yoga Instructor – Lead instructor of Yoga at Deepak Chopra’s Center in NYC

Filmmaker – Best Director of a Short – NY Int’l Independent Film & Video Fest 

Founded The Cosmic Joke Collective with French actress Audrey Dana & Jesse Harris

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